Milk Teeth

Milk Teeth

Deciduous teeth – commonly known as baby teeth, milk teeth, temporary teeth, and primary teeth – are the first set of teeth that start to form before the baby is even born. These teeth can start to grow as early as six months after birth and continue to do so till about the age of three. This is of course an average of ages which varies with every child.

These teeth have several vital roles. In simple terms these teeth can act as practice for the kids to learn how to brush their teeth effectively. Until the age of eight, the parents are advised to first let their children brush their own teeth and then check after them to make sure they were properly cleaned. Another very important role of deciduous teeth is to keep the place for their permanent successors. If the teeth are extracted too early, the permanent teeth might lose their position creating problems in the dentition further on in the life of our kids.

Thus, the oral hygiene even of the young ones is very important. The need for fillings might arise even in the milk teeth to preserve the teeth until they are ready to exfoliate in their own time.


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